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white birth pools for labouring birther for homebirth


We know choosing a birth pool to go with your dream birth experience can be hard. We've tried to think of every possible question you might have and answered them here in our FAQ! 


You Asked, We Answered

  • Our pools are oval in shape and have an internal basin measurement of 24 inches deep x 27 inches wide x 47 inches long when inflated. The footprint in total measures 65 x 55 inches. 

  • In your confirmation email, there is a link to our video tutorials for how to set up/take down the pools. There is also a comprehensive instruction PDF and an instruction booklet included in the pool kit itself. 

  • For our pros, less than 15 minutes! But our Instruction Booklet in your kit gives you a simple step-by-step guide to follow for your partner as well.

    On average:

    - 6-8 minutes to inflate the pool

    - 3 minutes to set up/put away equipment, floor protection, and twinkle lights

    - 2 minutes to insert and adjust the liner

    - 5-25 minutes to fill up the pool, depending on your water pressure and hot water tank system

    Tip: Set up the pool in early labour, but WAIT to fill the pool until you are in active labour (6+ cm dilated if you're having cervical checks). If you're not getting in the pool ASAP, fill the bottom half with hot(ish) water and then fill the remaining with lukewarm water when you're ready to get in. The temperature once you are in the pool should be 37 degrees celsius and can be measured with the thermometer included in your kit. 

  • The liner included is designed for single use only and should be disposed of after each use. Option to purchase an additional liner is available.

  • Call our emergency contact numbers on the front page of your Instruction Booklet that came in your birth pool kit. We will deliver a replacement ASAP. You may also opt to purchase a second liner for just-in-case situations. 

  • Every pool and kit item is cleaned and sanitized with medical-grade cleaning supplies to ensure that any and all bodily fluids are washed away between uses. We also require that birthers use a disposable pool liner. 

  • As the renter, you are responsible for disclosing any damages to the pool or items in the kit upon return. If the pool requires replacement due to negligence or misuse, you will be held responsible for the full cost of replacement.

  • If you encounter any issues with your pool kit, we kindly ask you to call us right away. You can find our contact numbers and troubleshooting instructions in your instruction booklet. We always strive to ensure that your pool kit is in the best possible shape by inspecting and testing each item upon return, but if you run into any problems, we are here to help you.

  • Full booking information can be found on our Birth Pool Rental page. Once you submit your rental request, you will receive an email confirmation. A contract and invoice will follow shortly afterward. To reserve your rental, a 50% retainer is required, and full payment must be made before 36 weeks gestation. We offer payment plans for your convenience.

  • Your pool rental drop-off will be arranged for when you are 37 weeks pregnant. If you require an earlier drop-off, a fee of $75/week will apply, subject to availability.

  • We offer free delivery and pick-up within Edmonton city limits. Outside of this area may incur a per km charge. We also have 3 pick-up/return points to choose from in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Leduc, as well as our Edmonton South location. 

  • We ask that you contact us to arrange the return of the pool as soon as possible after you are done with it so that we can get it ready for the next family!

  • Yes, you can bring your pool to labour in at any hospital, even under OB-GYN care. However, they will ask you to get out of the pool for the delivery of your baby. I recommend discussing this with your OB and your delivery hospital to review their policies beforehand. Advocate for yourself to use a pool during labour for pain management in the hospital setting! Let's pave the way for change for future birthers!

    If you are with Midwifery care you are eligible to labour AND give birth in the pool at the Royal Alexandra Lois Hole Hospital for Women and (hopefully) soon at the Misericordia and Sturgeon hospitals. Again, it is advised to speak with your midwife about this prior to going into labour. 

  • Our owner and experienced Birth Doula's advice:

    Labour in the shower as long as possible using gravity and movement until you are in the transition or pushing stage. Then get in the pool! Save the aqua-dural effects for when they work best, in the final stages of labour. Using the pool at any time during labour is okay but be sure to rinse your body before re-entry if you've found yourself out of the pool for longer than 1 hour. 

    Check out our Childbirth Education class with Grace to cover all things water birth and discuss any birth questions you may have!

 birth doula and labouring mother holding hands while in white birth pool
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