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White birth pool rentals for edmonton, for your homebirth or hospital birth!

We are Grace and Curtis, a young couple with a beautiful boy who are setting out as a team to provide an all-inclusive birth pool rental kit experience for parents across the Edmonton region. We are so excited to share this journey with you and cannot wait to see your luxurious white birth pool in action!


owners of graceful birth pools standing holding hands next to two birth pool kits stacked
black and white image of mom and dad with toddler boy
black and white image of mom and dad with toddler boy

A note from Grace.

Thanks for being here! I love that you're interested in what started this for us - I am a forward-thinking, pattern-breaking, entrepreneurial-minded mama who is building the best life possible for my little family!

I moved to Edmonton with my lovely partner, Curtis, just before the pandemic hit. Like so many couples, I ended up pregnant with our boy! In 2021, I birthed him unmedicated with a doula and OB support at the Sturgeon Hospital in St. Albert, and loved my experience. However, it showed me how big the gap in care is for today's modern mothers.

I completed my doula training in November 2021 and was registered and certified with Doulas of North America (DONA) International by May 2022. I have proudly supported over 50 births including planned cesareans, at-home babies, birthing centre deliveries, hospital births, epidural births, and everything in between!

In 2023 Curtis was working away on the pipeline, spending a month at a time away from our family and working incredibly long, hard hours. I was at home solo parenting and building my business and I knew we needed a change. We decided to bring Curtis home so that we could raise our little Rhodesie together, which meant we needed a plan! 

All of this brought us to our latest business venture - birth pool rental services. I've witnessed first-hand the benefits of water birth and studied the science behind how hydrotherapy of any kind can improve outcomes for moms and babies during labour and delivery. I have a passion for helping families create the optimal birth environment, and birth pools aligns with that so beautifully. I wanted to start a business that is accessible and client-focused, while also finding a birth pool that is pretty, calming, and gives families all the items they need to set up quickly and easily! I'm a best both worlds girly, gotta keep it practical but also cute!

Hi, I'm Grace! Doula, mother, and the creator
behind Birth Pools By Grace!

Our dog is an American bulldog mixed with a puggle, her name is Winnie we got her during pandemic! She is a built in babysitter, certified baby food vacuum cleaner and Rhodes’ best friend.

Grace has 5 younger siblings! She loves being the oldest because she can help guide them and they make life fun!

Grace never leaves the house without 3 drinks, snacks, and her Ilia lip oil,  but one time she drove away without Rhodes and Curtis LOL

Our parenting style is a mix of let him roam free, but also mindful teachings and nurturing bonds. We love to find joy in the chaos and live on a whim, but we also value structure and routine! 

Grace's Starbucks order: Oat Brown Sugar Americano + Banana Bread. 

Curtis' order: Same as Grace's iced + Low Fat Turkey Bacon Sandwich.

You can often find Curtis chatting birth with dads over smoked meats and BBQs and encouraging all parents to take back their power! 

Curtis loves golf, his Toyota truck, and being a boy dad

The name "Birth Pools By Grace" is a spin-off of my doula business name - of course, it's my first name, but there's a sweet story behind it... before I started my doula business, Curtis gifted me business cards that were a beautiful cream colour with a basic floral logo stating "Graceful Birth Doula". This was his way of showing he believed in me and I could make this happen!

A little peek into our lives...
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