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The Pool

Our premium quality white inflatable pool is oval in shape to give you optimal room for easy position changes. The handles are sturdy and the cushion is comfy to help you move through those waves of contractions.

The Liner

Our one-time use disposable liner is custom made to fit our pools perfectly, including a space for the handles. 

The Kits

We offer kits from Basic to Premium, which include an air pump, water pump, hoses, floor protector, pool patch kit, water thermometer, water proof twinkle lights, and so much more.

The Guide

Each kit comes with a guide that walks you through each step of set up and take down. It is thorough and easy to understand for your partner or doula to set up. 

The Experience

At GBP we strive to take care of you during this exciting, slightly scary, definitely really amazing time in your life! We make the process simple from start to finish and offer video tutorials and set up and take down services. 

The Education

We offer a streamlined two-hour childbirth education session with Grace, our DONA Certified Doula, catered to your birth preferences, fears, and needs.

We go beyond just the basics.

At Birth Pools by Grace, we strive to

Offer options for a range of birthing environments, such as home, birth center, and hospital, and help you achieve your birth goals and budget needs! We proudly service the Edmonton and Saskatchewan areas.

We are the first in the Edmonton area to offer the beautiful white birth pool and have created packages that provide an all-inclusive birth pool rental experience that is unrivaled!

pregnant woman sitting in white birth pool

Canada's Luxury

Birth Pools & Rentals 

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Canada's Luxury
Birth Pools & Rentals 


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Get to know our Owner + Doula, Grace

Complete your experience by hiring Your Doula Grace and unlock an exclusive discount on your birth pool rentals!


Get to know our Owner + Doula, Grace

Complete your experience by hiring Your Doula Grace and unlock an exclusive discount on your birth pool rentals!

"Grace was a dream to work with! When my birth plan changed last minute she was able to accommodate a pool for me to use in hospital! She was available to answer any and all questions. I’m so grateful for her! She made picking up the pool a breeze! Professional and helpful "

"I loved having close by during labor, a water bottle / Stanley that kept ice intact, comfy pjs / robe

for after birth shower to snuggle into with baby, supportive birth team & trust in yourself and body xo

Love that your kit came with EVERYTHING we needed for an easy setup & quick tear down!"

"I had the honour of having Grace as my doula and being able to rent one of her and her husband’s beautiful white birth pools for my hospital birth. The pool came in a nice wheeling tote with instructions and videos that are step by step and leave you feeling ready for when it is go time. The pool was super easy for my husband to set up and came with literally everything you would need. The size of the pool was perfect not too small but also not too big that it was uncomfortable being in for long periods of time. When it was blown up it gave me a solid support to lean on during labour and did not lose its hold. It also gave enough cushion that I did not feel the ground underneath so the pool was perfect for labouring on your hands and knees. This pool was the perfect addition to my birth. 

I would highly recommend getting one of their pools if you’re considering a water birth."

"I am immensely grateful for the incredible experience I had using the Birth Pools By Grace in my home this past October. The pool not only provided a comforting and safe environment but also added a touch of beauty to the entire birthing process. Its pristine white design created a serene atmosphere, contributing to the overall wonderful experience of bringing new life into the world. The comfort, safety, and aesthetics of the pool exceeded my expectations, making it an invaluable part of my cherished birthing memories. I highly recommend the graceful team for anyone seeking a positive and beautiful water birth experience."


Birth Pools by Grace
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